Class of 2021 Scholars

Back row: Jessica Davis, Miguel Brache, Kaitlin Nicol, Lydia Trautmann. Front row: Liz Bryan, Carly Harad

Class of 2020 Scholars

From left to right: Claire Davis, Mostafa Meselhe, Tia Monjure, Arjun Sree Manoj, Meghan Bush, Marco Mirnics, Peyton Gibler, Jackson Levine, Asha Prakash, Diego Gatica

Class of 2019 Scholars

Past Cohorts

GCSP Steering Committee

From left to right: Dr. George Flowers, Dr. David Corey, Dr. Beth Wee, Dr. Tim Schuler, Dr. Shusheng Wang, Dr. Lars Gilbertson, Dr. WT Godbey, Nicole Moody